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This project is giving a voice to people who have recovered from COVID-19 and helping the community learn from their experience.

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Our Goal

To understand COVID-19 from the perspective of persons who contracted the virus and recovered. This includes majority of survivors (~8 out of 10) that received little to no clinical care during the course of their illness.

The C19 Insider Scoop Project aims to:

  • Glean knowledge from first-hand survivors
  • Discover and share insights on transmission, symptoms and coping strategies
  • Investigate and shed light on health disparities associated with COVID-19
  • Leverage data from survivors to inform research, policies, and treatment

Our Progress

Knowledge is power. To support improved understanding of COVID-19 from the lens of survivors, we will share our progress, milestones, and learnings in an open-access manner. We also acknowledge advocates, supporters, and participants who make this work possible.

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How you can help


  • Share your story with COVID-19 and help others learn from your experience
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  • Help spread the word about this effort
  • Encourage people you know who have recovered from COVID-19 to share their story
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  • Acknowledgements

    We cannot accomplish the stated goals without support, hence we will acknowledge advocates and participants using an alias name. View our growing supporters on the Our Progress page.

  • An Incentive

    To thank participants for their time, we will provide a $50 incentive to the first 100 participants who complete the study requirements. Qualification details can be found on the Incentives page.

  • Sharing our learnings

    Knowledge is power. To support improved understanding of COVID-19, we will share insights and learnings in an open-access manner on this website and through scholarly publications. View Our Progress for more details.

How we're saying thank you


The C19 Insider Scoop project is led by Professor Temiloluwa Prioleau and members of the Augmented Health Lab at Dartmouth College. This project is also supported by a host of advocates and supporters who make the work possible, including Dartmouth COVID-19 Spark funding and the National Science Foundation (award #: 2031546).

This research study is approved by the Committee for Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS) at Dartmouth College. Questions or concerns can be directed to ah-lab@dartmouth.edu.

Together, we will overcome COVID-19 and come out stronger.

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